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Tired eyes?

We all at some point wake up in the morning with tired eyes, dark circles and puffiness, I find after using my computer for a long time I need to give my eye area a top up!

I have found the perfect device; I purchased this for £99.00.

The Rio Eye Refresh Device: How it works one side of the device gives off heat (Thermotherapy) and the other side cool therapy (Cryotherapy). Put your cream, skin toner or serum around the eye area and let the device heat up and cool down. You can then use circular and tapping motions to enable the heat from the device opens up the pores, so the product penetrates the skin. The cool side locks in the product.

I have used the device for a week first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and I can see the difference.

The device comes with its charger and stand, and you can buy the device from Rio Beauty.


Rio Beauty