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  • Always read the contraindications of any device supplied by the supplier before using it on yourself, a friend of your family.
  • If the device doesn’t work for you, I do not guarantee any results on anyone.
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  • Only use the gels and sprays supplied with your device, as other home made products could cause damage to you or the device.
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With all the devices I review, EVERYONE MUST also follow the manufacturers instructions and safety guidelines which are sold with the units.


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If you have a question, or just ‘like’ a post, please leave a comment. I cannot provide personal advice on – “Will a device work for me”, I test them on myself, you would need to speak to the supplier and check if your particular needs and requirements can be met using their device.

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I am unable to give individual advice to anyone visiting this site. Please contact the supplier for individual advice about any product reviewed on this blog, so can you research into the device yourself and to check it will work for you!

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