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CACI Microlift Review Update

Just finished my treatment for today.

I really think this device is great for a quick top up, I find it really easy to using for lifting before breakfast, and my skin feels very firm after the treatment, not any major results, as yet. I can’t use the release action, I find it too fiddly and I am used to two sets probes which are built for the job, the wrinkle eraser routine is very easy to perform, but I think the treatment time is a little short for the product to be absorbed into the skin.

Only on treatment 4!


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CACI Microlift Review Update

I am now on my second treatment. The CACI manual is really well written and easy to follow, and I went through the pinching movements, and my face felt nice and firm and I could see a nice lift in the cheek and upper eyelid area. I then experimented with some other well established lifting movements I have used for many years, and these worked well with the device.

I am still struggling with the release movement, which is fiddly, as the device is fairly small, and trying to pull it apart smoothly, is something that will need some practice, back to the mirror!

I am aiming to get that non-surgical face lift!

Will report back tomorrow will my progress.


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Most salon microcurrent treatments, non-surgical face lifts – which the press tend to refer to them, with a decrustation phase which can help to remove blackheads and is used on congested skin/pores.

After this part of the treatment which is using galvanic current, the current is reversed and the Iontophoresis part of treatment is performed, and why I am rambling about this therapy is the new CACI Wrinkle treatment is based on the theory of Iontophoresis treatment, and you can read an excellent overview of how this works by Tim Weston.  

I hope this helps you to understand what these devices are doing to your skin and making you look beautiful, we hope!




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