Home Beauty Device Reviews

Independent reviews on the top at-home non-surgical, anti-ageing tools. Packed with ideas on how to get the best results!

About me


I have been writing about home beauty devices for about 18 years and have used most of the devices on myself or friends.

My background is I am a technologist, an academic and an experienced microcurrent specialist, who has studied laser, light and electricity/electronic engineering and its affects on the body in relation to beauty and anti-aging. I am a graduate in Electronic Engineering and have a Masters degree in Computing. I work as a freelance learning designer and spend a lot of my free time supporting people living with dementia.

I have studied the academic research in the areas of microcurrent and ageing and also LED light and ageing.

I have 38 years experience of micro-electronics.

The aim of this blog is to share in an honest manner about my findings and to help you to get the best from your device, basing my reviews on the science behind the device, my results and many years experience of electronic based technology also current home and salon anti-ageing treatments. I try to do a 360 degree review of the device.

The design of the blog is deliberately very simple and easy to navigate, I am not promoting these products, it is simply a way for me to share my views and experience on how beauty devices work, if they work and why they work, and to share my passion for home beauty devices.  I don’t blog anywhere else.

If you would like me to review a device please go to my contact section of my blog and get in touch, but we sure it will be an independent and honest review of the device.

Best wishes,


Home Beauty Device Reviews




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