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Slendertone Face – headset


Sad news, my headset snapped on my Slendertone Face device. The device is badly designed as the headset is very tight and the plastic brittle.

Slendertone do not sell replacement headsets and they don’t cover as a complaint.

It was good while it worked but it is shame they don’t sell replacements headsets.

The rest of the device has gone into the bin!



2 thoughts on “Slendertone Face – headset

  1. Hi Phillip

    I am sorry to hear about the headset. Such a pity, when the device actually worked and gave good results. Did you found another alternative to the selndertone face, that also works with EMS electrotherapy?

    Best regards

    • Hi Jenny,

      I bought a new headset from Slendertone, it was very expensive, I think it was about £50.00. I then bought a second hand one on eBay for about £10.00. In the past I have used a CLEO II and CLEO Q, which are both EMS devices, they are superb devices, the only reason, I stopped using them, was the sticky pads are so difficult to keep sticky and the tend to fall off during treatment, but for someone wants to tone the muscles the CLEO devices can’t be beaten. Great technology, used to help patients with Cerebral Palsy. https://www.club-cleo.com/cleo-q-face-body-toner/

      Best regards,


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