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Professional Machines and Procedures

Anti-aging update

My update on what is new in the world of professional anti-aging treatments and procedures 

Smartxide2 DOT/RF

A new device which combines, CO2 Laser, Radio Frequency, using DOT Therapy using Pulse Shape Design

Details are at: http://www.dekalaser.com/en-GB/dekatvnew.aspx?canale=0&app=9

Merz Aethetics

Fillers and muscle relaxants:

Details are at: http://www.say.eu

AntyAge LED 

Marketed at the most powerful and versatile LED therapy:

Details are at: http://www.antyage.com/equipmentled.htm


Cytocare 502

Hyaluronic acid – treat lines and wrinkles. 

Details are at: http://www.revitacare.net/dwnld/BioRevitalisationCytoCare_wuk.pdf

Redensity Eyes 

A filler to tackle eye circles 

Details are at: http://www.esthetique.com.cy/?pageid=92

More news soon.




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