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Treatment layering using home devices

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Hi Everyone,

I have been asked by many of the readers to explain how treatment layering could work whilst using home beauty devices.

To help to answer your questions, I have created a chart, that lists most types of devices, with guidance on what you can use during treatment the period, including devices that have multiple treatment applications, such as Tria/ReAura, and what devices might improve the results, with some general comments about recovery times.

But most importantly, you are the best judge in relation to your skin and results from your devices, to this chart is just a helping hand, if you are combining treatments, be kind to your skin, don’t over do it, and remember, when you skin is resting from the treatments, you are getting the benefits from all your hard work, by letting your body to build new collagen and show off the results. Remember to drink plenty of water, as this helps to keep skin hydrated during and after all treatments. And finally, never go into the sun without your sunscreen, as sun will undo all your hard work, even on a cloudy day, the damaging UV rays are attacking our skins.

I hope this helps.

The charts is at (click on the link):

Layering Chart.

Best wishes,


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