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Cavisculpt Review

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Cavisculpt Review

A new review for you.

I have been lent on very short term loan a Cavisculpt machine, which is a device that removes stubborn fat that diet and exercise can’t/don’t move.

I used the machine this evening, and I am going to measure the success of the device, by using the “pinch an inch” measure to monitor the results.

I don’t weigh myself, or measure myself, as I gauge my weight, and size by how my clothes feel on me, and I have a stubborn little inch on my tummy, and I am going to pinch that inch, and it exactly an inch, I did measure that bit, at the end of the 10 treatments, starting tonight, and will keep checking throughout the review period.

The machine uses ultrasound cavitation, which is explained on the Cavisculpt web site which is under my resources section, but I will explain in detail on my first video review for this device.

Wish me luck and will report back as always.


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