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CACI Microlift Review – without the device!

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The good news is, I have a CACI Microlift manual, but I don’t have the device yet, but that has never stopped me from reviewing a new device, so here goes based on the user manual.

The CACI Microlift comes with a battery charger, treatment buds which contain a serum, user manual and the device itself.

The device is built in two halves and hinged, the two parts are identical with the exception that on the front of device there is a LCD Screen to control the device, and on the back there is the battery cover and the Mute Switch, to turn of the beeps which you are used during the treatment.

There are five controls, a Programme button which switches between the two treatments which are Toning and Wrinkles.  The Mode button which control the power levels which start at Low and move up to High. There is a Start/Pause control, a Mute Switch and a Slide Lock which locks the two halves of the device together when using the device in Wrinkle mode.

The LCD Screen let you know when you are in the various modes of use, battery indicator, the normal things.

To start the Toning treatment you need to insert four serum buds into the probes on the device and unlock the probes using the Slide Lock, this then allows you to use the device like a pair of ice cube tongs – with the ability to pinch the skin between the two sets of hinged probes, without hurting you, as you control the pinch and cotton buds are very soft.  The aim of this Pinching Technique is to shorten the muscle, which has a lifting affect on the face, focusing on muscles that over time stretch, and this can cause the skin to sag, this pinching action during a normal microcurrent treatment is used on the cheek, jaw and above the eye areas to re-educate the muscle into the new position, this needs to be done at least twice a week for 5 to 6 weeks depending on your age, and repeated once a month, CACI suggest 12 treatments over 4 weeks with a regular top-up treatment, as the muscles has to be reminded to stay in the new position.

The microcurrent output is aiming to work on the Golgi Tendon Organ (GTO) and every muscle has one, and this receiver of electrical current determines the tone and length of a muscle. The brain sends information to these data centres (GTO) and your microcurrent is sending a similar message to the belly of the muscle to tell it to either tighen/lengthen, lift or relax the muscle you are working on.

The CACI Toning Treatment then moves onto the Release Technique, so if you think about the ice cube tongs opening across the skin instead of pinching, this movement lengthen the muscle, relaxes the muscle and smooths an area where there is muscle tension and this is used on your eyebrows, forehead and eye areas.

The treatment should take about 5 minutes and there 24 steps to the process.

I have assumed CACI have used a square wave output for lifting and to the lengthen the muscle and a low frequency output  (0.3Hz to about 1.0Hz) with a current output of about 300uA to 900uA based on the machine’s setting, and the intensity selected by the user.

We now move onto the Wrinkle Programme using the CACI Eraser Technique which looks just like in practice, you are making a zig-zag movement with the device in the closed position, so you are using all 4 probes/buds as a wrinkle eraser over the areas forehead, eyes and eyebrows, based on the manual, I have assumed this treatment is using something like a  Pulse wave, with a 300Hz to 100Hz frequency.  This treatment is intended to soften wrinkles, improve circulation and inject moisture into the skin from the serum buds, which contain Acetyl Hexapeptides which is proven to soften wrinkles.  This technique is normally called feathering and the treatment is based on the principle of Iontophoresis.

Another benefit of microcurrent is as Cheng (1982) identified, microcurrent can cause ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) levels to increase by 250 – 500%, ATP, which is referred to as the power house of our muscles providing fuel to them and enabling them to stay toned, firm and healthy.

That is a very quick overview of what the devices can do, I hopefully will be able to try this out on a real machine in January 2013.

I have a lot of experience of microcurrent devices and hope to share resources, ideas and techniques on how to get the best of devices in the future. I have also used a CACI salon machine so have the experience of what the salon device can offer.

If  you check out the resources section of my blog you will find a link to the CACI Microlift web site.


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