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Why is the ReAura treatment twice a week and Tria is everyday for 8 weeks?

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I asked Tria, why the ReAura treatment protocol is very different from the Tria and they kind gave me their professional view:-

I cannot really comment on usage of the ReAura and why their recommended treatment is twice a week for 8 weeks & ours is daily. Clinical trials proved this is the most effective for the Tria Laser, without the technical specification of the ReAura it would not be possible. I would not be privy to this. information.  You may be able to compare the following:

The Tria SRL wave length
Level 1 pulse energy – 5mj, 30 seconds
Level 2 pulse energy – 10mj one minute
Level 3 pulse energy – 12mj, 2.5 minutes

Regarding continuation of  treatment after 8 weeks on & 4 weeks off, the USA teams added that customers should continue to use the SRL  until they achieve the optimal results they are looking for. And of course advise they stick to the cycle of 8 weeks on and 4 weeks off with the 4 weeks off giving skin the time it needs to repair and build collagen.


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