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Tria – so pleased – working really well

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It has been a week, I am so pleased with the device.

The key features of this device are:

Ease of use – not using a gel means the device fits against the skin tightly – without any drop outs during the treatment – easy and efficient to use!

Quick – I can treat my whole face in 6 minutes.

Treatment indicator – so easy – 1st beep, 2nd beep, 3rd beep and then the machine switches off – great!

The device is hand shaped – so treatments are so easy.

As you can tell I really like this machine and my skin is looking radiant and fresh.

So what does a Tria Skin Laser do?

It fires shafts of laser light, which is invisible to the eye, and very very dangerous to look at the laser when firing, but the safety design in the Tria, means it only fires when you are treating the skin, so it is a 100% safe to use.

The laser is a fractional laser, which means it fires a non ablative laser into the dermis which causes very minor damage at the collagen and elastin level, triggering the body’s natural healing system, which replaces with collagen held together like the springs on a mattress with elastin, with the result of the skin plumping up and wrinkles softening, depending on how long the wrinkle has been there, how much sun damage you have and your diet to make sure your body can produce decent collagen.

This site gives a very good overview how a fractional laser works


More tomorrow.


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