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Tria First Treatment – Review

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Laser charged, manual read, and ready for my first treatment.

The first think I really like about the Tria, is the priming treatment, this is a cleanser to prepare the skin before using the device. It smells nice and felt nice on my skin, so that was a good start.

With all of these devices, they don’t work well when used on damp skin, so I made sure my skin was really dry and free from any other products.

After I had activated, and charged the laser, there is nothing else to set apart from the power setting, which range from 1 to 3. As I used other similar devices, I went straight to level 2 which is classed as medium power.

There are 4 treatment zone, 1. left cheek, 2. right cheek, 3. forehead and 4. chin & mouth area.

Power selected and I have watched the DVD guide included in the pack, so I am ready!

I start with my right cheek area, the purple indicator on the device lights up when you have made good skin contact, the laser fires through a small window on the head of the device, with sensors to ensure it only fires when you have good contact with the skin. Always follow the warnings and user manual for any laser device before you start to use it. I used a gliding motion moving from my nose area to my ear, slowing enough to I can feel the prickling sensation of the laser hitting my skin, getting this timing right took me sometime, you can also tell if you are moving at the right speed by reviewing the post treatment redness using a mirror. The laser bleeps when you have completed the first area, I then moved onto my other cheek area and the device beeped after about 1 min, I did the forehead area, waited for the beep and then the chin/mouth area, The device at the end of the treatment, turns on treatment completed indicator, the device beeps and then turns off.

The device was very easy to use, the key thing for me is device easily stays in contact with the skin, so treatment is very quick and easy, and there aren’t any treatment gels, to clog up the device, which I have experience with some other units. As the unit has a flat treatment area, it is very easy to maintain good contact with the skin at all angles.

My skin was fairly red and a little warm after treatment so I sprayed my skin with the Avene Spring Water, which everyone knows I recommend after treatment, and then apply the Tria post treatment cream, which cooled down my skin.

Within about 4 hours my skin was glowing, not too red and ready for my next treatment tonight.

Thumbs up so far, looking forward to seeing the results at the end of eight weeks.


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