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CACI Microlift released in November 2012

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I have just read this article:


It looks like CACI is producing an at home device due to be released in November 2012 to be sold via John Lewis.

Quoted from newspaper:

CACI Microlift

Launching in October, the Microlift is a home facial toning device from the salon brand CACI, which claims to provide “non-surgical facelifts”. The Microlift uses a tiny electric current to tone facial muscles and, it is claimed, combat signs of ageing. It looks a bit like a small cordless phone with four spiky knobs on top.

Expert’s verdict “CACI or any other micro-current therapies are unlikely to do much harm but it’s hard to know the exact points to press that will stimulate muscles in the correct way to achieve a balanced result. Beauty therapists take a five-day intensive course before they practise CACI in salons.

“CACI is pretty safe but shouldn’t be used if you have had Botox in the past three months, as it could cause migration of the botulinum toxin around the face. You could end up with brow droop.”

Tester’s verdict “CACI salon treatments are well loved and I wanted this to be effective. Maybe it was the instructions, but I felt that I was simply poking my facial muscles with no idea if I was doing it correctly. I was so perplexed, I’m afraid I have new frown lines.”

I haven’t used or seen this device yet, so can’t comment on its performance against the salon machine, which I have used.


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